Live in a unique apartment concept in the heart of a shared living community

A collective society

Share a meal with neighbours, relax in an urban oasis, enjoy evenings on a terrace.

Choosing to live at UNI5 concept means choosing to live an urban lifestyle in a community of 40 contemporary and minimalistic apartments in one of Montréal’s liveliest neighbourhoods.

An urban oasis and shared living spaces

Linear park
Bicycle storage
UNI5’s housing concept includes a beautiful yard behind the units. This green belt includes rest areas, urban furniture, a garden and a shaded cool zone.

A development that truly stands out

5 buildings with 8 units each

Units available now!

What sets UNI5 apart in the neighbourhood is its unique architectural signature. The five monolithic cube buildings with minimalist design go from white to black, with various shades of grey, giving them a resolutely modern appearance.

UNI5’s units offer plenty of natural light, with large windows that help bring the outside in. Inspired by new European-style housing concepts, UNI5 is a community-focused human-sized development in the heart of a lively and animated neighbourhood.

The St. Laurent Boulevard in Montréal’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood is a popular area of the city for its European-style quality of life.
This new housing development, with all the amenities of condo living, and a garden is a truly unique opportunity for the neighbourhood.

An exclusive opportunity for 40 lucky residents

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